Friday, May 29, 2009
Last thursday, the lecturers' week closing ceremony was held. Id say congratulations to the people who works their butt to make the event happen.
Just as promise to my friends and some of my readers, i will post the poem that i read on that unforgettable day.. this is a very special poem dedicated to the lecturers' of Legenda education Group..




We are coming late for the class
Or not coming to the class at all
You were waiting there thinking
The student is going to pay afterall

We are late submitting the assignments
Or not submitting anything at all
You sit there thinking
That the student is going to fail afterall

We are talking behind your back
Or never even see you at all
You sit there laughing
That you are not losing anything at all

We couldn't answer the exams
Or not answering anything at all
You look to him wandering
I've never seen this student in the class at all

As we goin to bed trying to sleep
we couldn't sleep afterall
thinking on what you have done to us
That we have never tried to understand at all

We just know how to
stress you
sickened you
annoys you
hurt you

why don't you just teach me
then just let me go
Because someday we'll think of you
reminded of memories years ago

On how you teached us
On how you helped us
On how you supported us
On how you have faith in us

You're truly one to be admired
For you gave me more than required
we are truly disgusted
After being reminded

For not saying thank you
On what you did to us
For not saying sorry
On what we did to you

Naqib Hakim

This may be my last poem to the lecturers' of Legenda as I will finish my HND this December
The last line id took from my older poem... you can find it on my older post

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Lun said...

awsome lol

Mr . K said...

next time cube baca syair!!!bkn ko dh abis ke nt...??

naqiubex said...

To Lun: Ye? Tq

To Mr K: Hueeh hehe.. mintak oceed tuliskan..

░♥si lampu neon♥░ said...

wah, gabra tak ?

naqiubex said...

Hmm.. time bagi poem tangan pegang kertas menggeletar.. Huhu.. tangan itu jer..

akuADAdia said...


syai_mania2000 said...

nice one bro..

Farah Adila said...

salam, poem ni create sndri ke?btw, its very nice poem~ =)

ファラ 'aqila said...

wow..poem..nak dgr naqib bace,,

naqiubex said...

To akuADADia, syaima & Fara Adila: Tq..

To Aqila: Really? Ooops.. the magic couldn't work the second time..

aina mardiah said...

gud jobs!

Tengku SIM said...

waahh! such a touchy poem!! every single line has deep meaning. great job bro!! keep it up!

ayin jemin a.k.a ain said...

tringt plak dulu sy pya entry pakai kartun2 tp lukis pakai paint.hahaha

fArAh07 said...

so sweet!

AliseoFlex said...

Very nice. Love it!

theBluesman said...

wow, so much love & so much hate there if i can understand your poems correctly as i'm quite poor in such literary works

naqiubex said...

It's actually pretty direct.. The meaning and all.. No need to get so imaginative..