I wanna let you go..

Monday, June 1, 2009
Limiting to only 10 subjects? Even I took 11.. wat de fish..


my little bro is sick at home.. I knew that he should've never ate that instant noodle too much!


The dove in the picture is a Geopelia Striata or locally known as 'Burung Merbok'.
This bird is kept by someone i knew, living just a block away from the Surau..
From time to time, i will visit the bird's man made nest to have a glimpse of this beautiful but poor animal.
The bird leg is tied by a small rope...
I don't know if the bird's wing is clipped.. usually they does it to avoid the bird from flying far..
Her fate living in a dark, uncomfortable and lonely world is all because of the human activity called bird catching or 'Pikat burung'.
Don't they see the difference in their eyes when they roam freely in the sky..
compared to birds that are held in the cage?

I don't mind if the dove is caught and breed for its benefits in producing eggs or meat..
But I don't see that to this bird..
What I see is sad.. tied up bird.. being a victim of fullfilling a pathetic human pleasure..

The owner of this bird is the type of guy that is hard to be reasoned with.. All that i can do is pray.. Imagine yourselves tied like the bird.. Wouldn't it be painful..


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e k i n . said...

eyh , i dah lame wonder , pic cartoon tuh u buat sendri keh ?? very nice =)
btw , thanks k !!

Lun said...

sob2 so sad, i wish i cold let it go..

syai_mania2000 said...

i heard bout danial.. last time i called home n mama told me about the allergy-like symptom.. hope they sent him to the doc immediately n found out what it's all about.. cant wait to finish this stupid exams.. i wanna go home.. miss u guys..

naqiubex said...

To ekin: Yup.. all the cartoon here is my own work.. tq

To Lun: Hmm..

To syaima: Miss u 2.. Come back to Malaysia!!

milimilo said...

wow, what a nice drawing there..i wish i can draw like that too..what software did u used?

naqiubex said...

To milomil:CS3.. no money to buy cs4 or painter11

░♥si lampu neon♥░ said...

giler smart la weh..5 star bebeh! memang sedeh bila tgk burung tak bebas kan?

naqiubex said...

5 star..!? Tq..
yup.. sad indeed

theBluesman said...

Good write up. Such bird keepers tend to have less 'rezeki'. And if you go to Mecca for your umrah or the haj, you'll have to consider the ihram restrictions and may in breach of the regulations even though you may be keeping the birds at home! So your write up is also a timely reminder for all.

naqiubex said...

Oh really.. now I didn't know that.