The Musang: The answer,winner and the Dung Coffee

Saturday, August 15, 2009
Yes.. we have already got the winner.. Congratulations Miss Alis...
Alright... just like the title says... the answer is...


This Musang is the one of the suspected animal to have terrorizes the Venice of Perak neighbourhood and the most probably one affected is my home. As the musang lives in our very own comfy attics. Just as I mentioned before, the Musang have done many inappropriate things. The most unbelivable things that the Musang have done is throwing crap (poop) to people.


What a bad fella we got here..

Now what you think should we do to this fella
~Keep it
~Give it to the zoo
~Relocate the musang to a faraway place!
~Kill and sell it is not an option..

Musang... Is it a fox or more to a civet?

Yeah... this is one thing that have bothers my mind a little bit... When I was kindergarten, they always says that Fox when translated to Malay language is Musang...
Is Musang a fox when translated in English?..
Or is it a civet?...
To me, Musang is a very special species in the peninsula and should not be translated to fox as what i have found in the English~Malay dictionary. It doesn't looked like a fox at all and it is more similar to a Civet.

Let we have some pictures from Mr google to prove that I am right!

My Nine tails (kyubi) offspring

and the fox..

ooppss... thats a different kinda fox [megan fox]..... wrong picture.. here is the correct one

Red Fox Pup(s) Morro Bay, CA 28 May 2008Image by mikebaird via Flickr

And finally the so called civet ...

Masked Palm Civet = Himalayan Palm Civet (Pagu...Image via Wikipedia

In Indonesia, the Musang is also called 'Luwak'.

'Luwak'... I've stumbled upon this name when I was watching a documentary about the best and expensive coffee in the world...

And did you know.. (most of you guys would already know....)

~One of the most expensive coffee comes from the Musang or Luwak dung!!!
As the Luwak eats the berries while also swallow the seeds (coffee beans), the people will take the dung/crap/shit/feces and take out the beans. This is where the coffee beans will be processed and transformed to be the most expensive coffee beans in the world... hahaha
people calls it the 'Luwak coffee' or some calls it 'the exotic dung coffee'. In wiki, I found it was called tagalog or kafelaku and a lot more...

BONDOWOSO, EAST JAVA, INDONESIA - AUGUST 11: C...Image by Getty Images via Daylife

~The interesting thing is coffee Luwak is sold between '$300-$700' in most of the country around the world. I heard a story that in the old days, the people will try to search for these Luwak feces because they found it that it would be expensive if they buy a normal coffee. So instead they will just made one from the Luwak dung.. Its funny how such cheap delicacies to some people can turn out to be a whole different thing in other places...

~Hey wait a minute... We've got ourselves a Musang and with the whole lot of money that can be made... hehehe
Nope.... I just kidding... i guess nobody gonna buy a coffee from a shit here..

~Anyway thanx to my sis, she managed to capture this naughty little fella. I wonder what actually she's studies in Ukraine. Medical or Hunting?

~Oh yeah.. the prize for the answering the question first will be announced on my next post.. You just wait and see... For the other's.. i might gave you guys somethin also.. it's not much.. but.... don't put so much hope for it.. hehe

The suspect have been captured!

Friday, August 14, 2009
Hey! Fellow Citizens of Venice!!!
The possible suspect that terrorrizes the Venice area have been captured.
The suspect was alleged to do the following crime..

~Ruining people's crop
~Piss on someones flower pot
~Steal fruits
~Eat the fruits without permission
~Throwing the fruit seeds to peoples
~Crap at the most inappropriate place
~Suspected to also throw crap (animal dung) to some people
~Living in the attic without permission!

Guess who?

I'll give some hints:

~Its an animal and its cute..
~Contributes a lot to the coffee world...

The first one to answer correctly will get a mysterious prize!! The answer/champion will be out by Sunday..

Robomatics: Love of Knowledge

Wednesday, August 12, 2009
No... It's not a title of a robot movie. Its a name of a company that specializes in factory automation industry. A place where my team think can supply us with pneumatic components, valves, etc that we need in our project. thanks to my friends effort in completing the project, he have found a couple of interesting distributors and finally we chose this company because it is near to my friend's house afterall.

What is my project?

Well, every Mechanical Engineering students have to come out with a machine before they are able to finish their studies. I rather keep it a secret first before i tell the whole world what is my machine is. For the people who've already know.. just keep it quite!
Anyway, pneumatic system plays an important role in our machine...

Pneumatic system?

May I start my engineering class now?
Pneumatic is mainly related to air...
Pneumatic devices are various tools and instruments that generate and utilize compressed air. In the pictures above, you can see an equipment called compressor, this is where air is compressed to ake pneumatic system impossible. The compressor feeds air into a main tank, the main tank's pressure is higher than the pressure required by any single Pneumatic Animatronic. The main tank outlet should have an adjustable regulator, which reduces the tank's pressure to that required by the rest of the pneumatic system. On the regulator are two gauges used to read both tank pressure and the output pressure of the regulator.

I bet most of you guys would have stop reading by now...

i remembered one of my lecturer's said in my class..

"To learn is sometimes a painful process"

Yup! i do think he is right... To be honest.. i think LOVE is important in learning. It would help to ease the pain while gaining knowledge.
Or maybe just kills of the pain as well.

OMG.. Do I really have the LOVE of knowledge?
If I do.. then should learning be easy?
Should i still be remembering the knowledge that have been given to me?
I don't even able to wrote back the latest formula on my last class..

As most of my teacher's said it is important that after we have gain knowledge, we try to make amal (practice or exercize) of it, or better we teached others on the knowledge we've learnt... That would help our mind to remember and further understanding of the subject..
Which I failed a lot... ~sigh~

Sometimes I found students who are really unwillingful to study.
Hate to study? Do they hate knowledge?
I hope not...
Let see on what Islam says about this kinda people..

Abu Bakrah reported, I heard the Prophet (SAW) saying:

"You should be a scholars, or a student, or a listener, or a lover of 'Ilm (knowledge) and scholars, and you should not be the fifth which makes you perish. 'Ata' said, Mis'ar said to me. You added a fifth point which we do not have. The fifth point is: To hate 'Ilm(knowledge) and its people."

(At-Tabarani; Al Bazzar)

Wooaah.. To hate knowledge and it's people (teachers, ulama, etc) will make you perish! Astaghfirullah... If you need further interpretations of the hadith, better seek knowledge from your nearest Ustaz..

Check out this website for something about Pneumatic system

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H1N1: H1N1 screening test in airport, the mask price and the Pig

Saturday, August 8, 2009
H1N1... Lucky it wasn't N1H1... N for naqib and H for hakim... hahaha
So, another post about H1N1, or i more like to call it Swine flu...

I never thought that it was going this bad..
today, the Swine flu have caused about 26 death as being reported in local newspaper. Right now, I do felt that the pandemic have started looking its prey in this college. I heard that there were about two people that was tested positive for H1N1. But I know there is more in this college who've got the disease. If the news got out that the students of Legenda have been affected by the virus. The college will have to get quarantined, which also means the college will have to be closed down for awhile. The thing is, my college won't take the risk of giving any holidays.......
of course, where the hell can they get the money if the college is closed for a week.
Hey, I don't mind!
Because i don't wanna get quarantined... It's too late afterall..

Screening Test at the Airport

Since the breakout, almost every airport in the world takes some measures to encounter the deadly flu. From all of the country, I think the China government is the one who we should take example from. Maybe because of the SARS experience, they have taken precaution about a step farther from us.

Well, they wear Hazmat suit and laser down people forehead. Here i got you a video from youtube for your eyeview...

But I am not impressed at all, in my college...
We get shot with the infrared beam almost everyday...
(can someone check it if its goin to cause us cancer someday later)

The price of mask flu is rising!

Yeah! This is what I heard from my friends and also from my dear blogger 'Sufy'. The cost for the disposable mask flu is about rm1 at first. Now, the price of the mask is suddenly rising. There are some people who are trying to take advantage of the situation to fill their pockets with a whole lot of MONEY. Some of them even sell one mask with a ridiculous price of rm2.50. Somebody... or the government shoud take authority in this. Rather than just tellin us to wear a piece of mask everyday... How about helping our fellow citizen to solve this problem!

"Hey mr police, what are you guys looking at?"


Some info about the cute snotty animal that I wanna share... I got it from the book 'Quran Saintifik' by Dr. Danial Zainal Abidin. I think it is a must have for everyone...

~In 1918, 20-40 million people were killed by an influenza virus. Probably caused by the pigs that infected the American soldiers in World War I. The soldiers than spread the virus throughout the world causing an epidemic. Refer this at

~Pigs are capable of turning viruses that attacks them to a more dangerous virus. reported at the official website of Center for Disease Control and Prevention (America)

There's a lot more researches that supports the pigs contribution to the deadly viruses in the world. I'd just too lazy too type. To make it simple just buy the book 'Quran Saintifik' writen by Dr Zainal Abidin. By clicking this link, you will be redirected to his very own website

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Free Sex: The story about a girl

Thursday, August 6, 2009
Free sex! Zina! Fornification!
Words that sounded very disgusting, but yet, to some it just sounded like a title of a song.
Why did I came with the title today?
Well, it's because of the forum that i've just attended entitled 'Free Sex' organized by the PMI Legenda.

Many info that have been shared, here is just some that I've found in the internet about the case statistic involving the implication of free sex;
  • The statistic from the Ministry of Women's development shows that there are an average of four women is beng raped every day.
  • Seven women are victim of sexual harassment and 100 children are being abused every day.
  • Rape cases have doubled from 2,341 cases in 2006 compared to 1,217 cases in 2001.
  • 2,121 cases of domestic violence were reported in 2006
  • 65 case of abandoned babies in 2000, increased to 83 case in 2007
  • From a survey conducted in a university, only 10 % of couples didn't engaged in sex
Sick isn't it..
And that was in 2006 and 2007, What if I get the statistic for 2009...
With the news in the paper flocking with rape reports everyday!
Wouldn't it gonna be increased.. doubled... I hope it would not get tripled....
The signs have clearly shows it about thousands time... but still... this is happening...

Anyway, I don't think I have to put one more article about the implication of free sex as there are loads of them in the internet that you can simply find!

i hope this would be a reminder for me and dear readers that I would post from time to time. Though I would really want to share with you guys a story about a girl.

The story about a girl

The girl that i mentioned was actually my friend, we were in the same group in orientation.
Who is that girl? i would like to keep it a secret.. (afterall, I have trouble remembering names)
Me, her and my other friends always hang out together but Not to the extent on doing something ridiculous. Though i still think that it was a stupid idea and lots of time wasted back then. Taubat aku..

Time goes by and we were still in contact, until there's come a boy. To make it simple, they have become a couple. I was surprised, really surprised, totally surprised!
Because if you look at that boy, you'll feel like you are going to puke. You know what I mean.. I am not jealous. Just that I am a bit dissapointed. To me all girls are like my daughter... hahaha

Whats made me more dissapointed at that time is like we were no longer friends. She was like no longer herself, her reflection have changed and it really scares me. It was like as if she was really crazy about that guy. At that time I knew something was wrong...

As time goes on, I noticed that she wasn't in the college anymore. Why? I don't know...
Then the boy got a new girlfriend... The end

Be careful not to get involved with such relationship...
Furthermore, if you are in a relationship...
Have you told about him/her to your parents?
Have you get permission from them?

As Bukhari reports in the hadith: "Young men, those of you who can support a wife should marry, for it keeps you from looking at women (lit., lowers your gaze) and preserves your chastity; but those who cannot should fast, for it is a means of cooling sexual passion."

So If we don't have the money to get married.. It's clearly says that we should fast to cool down our sexual passion.. What a great thing Islam have teaches us..


Tuesday, August 4, 2009

"God, What happened!?"

My friend suddenly stopped the bike and I was shocked to see what happened in front of me. A bike just flipped from the ground after hitting a Grey Aeroback. I realized that they are my friends, we were just behind them on our way to Melaka.

It was tuesday evening when me and my friends supposed to visit a factory in Melaka. The visit is crucial in order for us to get enough supply for our final year project. We planned on spending a night in our friend's place and continue on the next morning. The plan becomes just a plan as the vehicles in front of us have to make an emergency break. My dear friend couldn't stopped at time thus hitting the car in front of him.

After the crash, my mind just kept thinking of my friends.
"Are they fine!?"
"Can they still walk!?"
"Are they still alive!?
This not the time to think about the project and Melaka anymore. Your friend is in danger!
It's quite chaotic for a moment, then I see one of my friend who is limping in pain. Bloods were dripping from his face. He needs immediate attention, fortunately a guy in a motorcycle came and offers him a ride to the nearby clinic.

Many people came to help, but are they really came to help us? Or do they just came help us pick my friends belonging and never return it back?
What happened to my friend cellular phone is quite sad. When he realized that his cellphone was missing, it was already too late. Eventhough it was just like seconds from the accident, his phone was already taken by someone. We tried to call the phone and noticed that somebody cancelled the call.

As everything had calmed down a little, we know what we have to expect next. For sure we have to confront the owner of the Grey Aeroback. His car's bumper is a little out of place and we know he must be frustrated because of it.
He came to me and said "Are you the rider!? Who is the rider!? Where is the rider!?"

I know it was my friend's mistake, but his way of dealing this matter is a little out of hand. He is quite rough while asking the question. Rather then asking whether my friends were fine or not. He start it with "This is not my mistake! This is their fault!"

I was a little surprised at his action, I don't know how to react. Then came a young guy who saw the whole incident argue with the Gray Aeroback owner. I just keep myself silent, I know that my friend have to deal with money problem later. But the first thing here is to make sure that everybody is fine and safe. Everybody lend their help, from the bike issue, medical attention to the whole police report.

My friends suffered cuts and bruises and maybe a lot is in their mind right now, we were fortunate that there is no live that were loss from this incident.

As I lay down on my bed, the whole tragedy just kept me thinking. I remembered of my past time as this is not the first accident that I've experienced. It's kinda funny, as every after each
accident that I've been through. It will made me remember of 'Him'. That 'Him' is no other than our creator Allah SWT. How weak am I that I always forgets him... and only reminded when tragedy befalls me. Astaghfirullah...

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Special Childrens Home: Rumah Tunas Sinar Harapan, Seremban

Sunday, August 2, 2009

After visiting the orphanage in Kuala Pilah, the second chapter of the Legenda Education Group Charity event brought us to the Special Kids Home of Rumah Tunas Taman Sinar Harapan in Seremban.

Rumah Tunas Sinar Harapan Tengku Ampun Najihah

I have a little problem in finding where is exactly the location of this place because i was sleeping on my way here. It is actually an easy place to find as it is located just besides the road and they have such a noticable boardsign and a very large building that is really easy to be spotted. As usual, you will need to fulfill some procedures before you can visit this place.

This facility is home to about 70 kids effected by autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and down syndrome (DS). Here, they will be given training and education especially helping them to accomplish daily tasks in life.

Arriving there.. 10 am

We are being greeted by a young lady that apparently acting as our tour guide around the place. She explains to us about 'Rumah Tunas Harapan' on how they operated throughout the country. The 'Rumah Tunas Harapan' in Seremban is specialized for taking care of children aged under 14 years old. After that age, the children will be transfered to another facility depending on their skills and IQ. This is because the services and programs are likely to differ from one facility to another.

Tour around the facility

First we are being brought to a room where from my knowledge is actually the place where the children will learn new things. I saw a couple of 'kompangs' there and a few toys giving me a view on what they are doing there.

In some cases, the children will be having problems in walking or also standing up straight. Therefore, the staff will brought them here and try to help them to undergo trainings so they will be able to do it properly as possible. This is crucial for them to be able to engage in everyday task easier.

After a little chit chat with the workers there, we are then brought to the dorm where this kids live in.

Oh.. Did i mention that we are not allowed to take any pictures here?
Cameras aren't allowed in here cause it might disturb their emotion.

The dorms is where the childrens are, from fourteen years old to small babies.
Wait.... babies? I am talking about the newborn... Yup! Don't be surprised...
They said child that is effected by DS can be detected even before the child is born.

As I walk in to one of the dorm, I was shocked that I was hugged by a very cute little girl. She hugged everyone and everyone hugged her back.


After the tour, we are going back to the hall to go on with our next activity.... Colouring..
it was a very fun moment especially when we have to try to fulfill the child's need. I remembered this one kid who orders me around to do work for him.

the boy :Hold my candy
me: ok!
the boy :Put my candy bag over the chair there..
me: hm? Ok! (putting the bag of candy and came back to the boy)
the boy: I need a candy
me: Ha? ok (take a candy from the bag and gave it to the boy)

and it continues on... until...

and finally... tada... their very own artwork..

Poco poco dance

Now wait a minute!!
The kids are better than us!!!
The children are teaching me how to dance... hahahahaha

As I walk around the hall, I found the answer on why they are so good in dancing.
There is a Disco in the house.............................

snoezelruimte (room for controlled multisensor...Image via Wikipedia

The Snoezelen therapy room
It is no a disco.. of course. You can click at the title for the purpose of the room.

You can also check the snoezelen room in action at youtube. Just click it

Oh.. and actually I don't know how to put video from youtube in the posting.. hehehe..
Anyone can help me?

I hope I will come back there again..........


There is a lot of things that we can learn from doing charity. Especially when going to visits like this and volunteer ourselves to help those who are in need.

I remembered about a story of a young boy who wanted a new pair of snickers.
Influenced by the trend, all of his friends have already bought and wear the new snickers that have just been released in the market. Feeling that he is the only person in the class that still stick to his old shoe. He urges her mother to buy him a new pair of shoes. The mother agreed on fulfilling her son's wish, so they went to the shop to buy the snickers. Upon entering the shop, the boy saw an old guy. He found that the old guy didn't have any legs. The boy felt sorry for the old guy. His mother then calls him to try the snickers that were on sale. The boy then hugged his mother and told her that he is fine with the shoes that he already have.

Don't envy on what people have.
Savour on what you already have.

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