Office Culture: Golf vs Dota

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Usually i used a drawing pad.. but because of restrictions and afraid that my drawing pad might get stolen (I leave it at my home). I draw and scanned instead…

This is mostly about youngsters this days who always play computer games like DOTA or counterstrike.. In the office, sometimes we always see these old timers always spend their time talking about activities such as golf, soccer or what not. If todays youngster took over the office culture the near future.. What do you think it would be like.. LOL

BTW… Happy Ramadhan to all!

Burger LEMBU berperasa AYAM?? : Purnama

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sometime… innovative ideas can really become weird.. My brother pops out the burger that my family bought and eat in this past few days.. and we laugh.. could not believe on what we saw… take a look for yourself..


Chicken flavored cow burger…

Dataran Merdeka: Pictures to share..

Monday, May 31, 2010

Hereis some of my photograph in my recent visit to KL. I happened to got a plenty of time. Took the camera, and then take take take..

Dataran Merdeka fountain 2

Dataran Merdeka fountain

Symbolism Dataran Merdeka

What is Dataran Merdeka without the Flag? Here is the pictures of the ‘Jalur Gemilang’.





The battle in the bus 2: Crap the racism!

Sunday, May 16, 2010


Another true story about my bus travelling experiences. Last time, I have posted about the experiences that I had with the smoking driver. Unfortunately this time, I got into another bad experience by meeting with a bothersome of unfriendly people.

The story goes like this, It was March, late night, I was taking a bus ride from KL to go back home to Lumut. As the bus were about to reach the Teluk Intan bus station. The passengers of the bus including me were distracted by a commotion that happened in the back seats of the bus. First, I was about just to ignore the situation and thought about getting some sleep. I was very tired and sleepy and the last thing i want is to get into trouble. I couldn’t get what I want as the situation turned from bad to worse.

“Lepaskan tangan aku *****!!!”

“Let go of my hand!! you ****!!!” 

A person was shouting. There were a lot of swearing going on…. That woke me up because I thought there was a hot R rated action going on.. ahaha… but it wasn’t what i thought to be…

I turned around trying to see what happened. It wasn’t really clear but I saw a foreigner was holding a guy’s arm tightly. I assumed that the foreigner was a Bangladesh, emigrated to Malaysia to work in the ‘Caelygirls’ factory that I soon found out after the bus driver drop him off in the front gate of the factory later. After a few struggle, the foreigner then let go of his hand and let the guy free. Backed by his friends (about twenty people), the guy than yelled at him shouting “why you did that!!??”.. Well something like that. The shouting and swearing goes on, the situation were getting tense. The foreigner then make his way to the driver seat and complained about the situation. He told the driver that the man was playing with his knife and did what the thought was right. The driver then slashed at what he was saying and shouted at him.

“Kenapa ngko kacau die orang! Ngko dah kacau sekarang ngkau terima padahnya! ****** ********************************** *&%#*&*#%”

“Why did you disturbed them! You have disturbed them and now you pay the price (there were a lot lot of swearing going on then)”

There was actually a lot of racial comments there… This is what happened when people are racist. They put aside everything and put racism as their way of putting things.. I was really angry with the driver’s comments. I can’t believe he actually ignored the foreigner’s complains and more than that, he mock him and disgraced of his race he were and also his job. The driver continued on saying….

“Ngko kacau M*L*Y*!! habislah kamu kena BUNUH nanti!!”

“You disturbed the *****!! You’ll be dead!!” 

Of course the foreigner was upset. The driver judged him too fast without proper insight to what really happened. Drove by racism, the driver made harsh action to what I think he should not do. I don’t really know what is going on with the foreigner’s mind, but i know how is mine, I was really… really… angered with what he (the driver) just said. I thought i was going to do something. However, I don’t want to get myself and also the other passengers in trouble as we were in a moving bus. So I just shut up and tried to let it go.  

As the bus reaches the Teluk Intan bus station, the bus makes it way to stop by the road to drop off some of the passengers. Eventually, the the people who are going to be dropped here were actually the twenty enraged kids. Quietly, with a sad.. scared face, the foreigner tried to make his way back to his seat. I looked at him and notice that the people were pushing him trying to pull him out of the bus.  I was afraid that those guys are going to get nasty with the foreigner. He was lucky that he managed to struggle through it. However, the drama was not over!

“Thump!, thump! thump!”

The foreigner was knocked down by the man who accused of playing with his knife. He punched and kicked that fellow mercilessly. I then did what i think was right for me to do. I stood up and yelled at him… trying to calm the assailant. The atmosphere was chaotic at this time. After a little while, the assailant make his way out of the bus. I really thought it was over as the driver could just drove off from that place. Foolishly, the driver just waits there and eventually got out from the bus trying to do something with the kids that are mad waiting to beat the crap out of the foreigner. I don’t know what he was doing outside (he said he was throwing away the knife from the guy possesion). They yell horrible things like wanting to kill that guy. They are not in their right mind. As if they were possessed by syaitan. At this time, some of those guys walk into the bus again and run towards the foreigner that was in a very weak condition.

BLAM!!! He’s down!

I then did more than just yelling this time, without any help what so ever, i got into the scene and did what i have to do. I was grateful that I learned a little martial arts and I've been into fight like this before a couple of times (I rather no tell the details). Plus, i didn’t see that they uses any weapon including the knife that the foreigner was talking about. I managed to break off the fight without any scrape and bruises. Pushed those guys back out of the bus and settle this mess once and for all. Feeling pissed off with the driver’s attitude and methods of handling the situation. I suggest to him that he should leave the place as soon as possible in a very polite manner even with what just happened. The driver then gave me the stupidest reply i have ever heard in my entire life. Here is what he said..

“Apasal kamu menyibuk!?”

“Why the hell did you interfere!?”

Ahahahahaha… i laughed in my heart. What is so good about killing people?



When I wanted to elaborate on this racism issue, I found out that my writings touched a lot about politics. Mostly about the Ketuanan Melayu issue that influences the mind and way of thinking's of some people. In my opinion, such racist concept is irrelevant. If anyone really wanted something then they have to  earn it. Oh dear, i could go on discussing this issue but I am a lazy to hit the keyboard and staring at the monitor for too long…

anyway.. my opinion is just an opinion. i am still a human… Lets see what Allah SWT says about this;

surah 49 Al hujurat, ayat 13 

“O mankind! We created you from a single (pair) of a male and a female and made you into nations and tribes that ye may know each other (not that ye may despise each other). Verily the most honored of you in the sight of Allah is (he who is) the most righteous of you. And Allah has full knowledge and is well acquainted (with all things).”

Please consult your ustaz on the tafsir of the ayat..

Who are we to criticize people of their races.

1 Year in the Making

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Salam everyone especially to my dear bloggers.. Though, its been about months before the last post. I always thought about blogging almost everyday. How unfortunate it is that I have become ignorant of such thing that i have almost totally lost it. This is not the first time regrettably… guess maybe because I had a ‘writer’s block’… I don’t know if bloggers like me can be entitled for such condition.. blogging is still an activity that involves writing isn’t it?

Anyway, there is nothing really interesting for today’s post. In fact, today (2nd May) is the day that this blog.. Naqiubex sides of life.. will enters its 2nd year..  Ehem… ( Is it already starting to get boring?)

I also wanted to say thanks for the people that have followed this blogs while I was away. Recent bloggers that have followed this blog also in some way just inspired me. When I opened the blog just now, your compliments and comments to this humble blog just surprises me. I didn’t do a thing and yet some of you guys just kept on coming and followed this blog.



How is misses blogging… Again… i hope this would be the last time…


There is actually a lot story that I wanna tell..

as there is so much sides of this world…

Waiting to be flipped, turned and looked at…


Moral : I don’t think this is needed for today.. I will now say.. This is my blog.. I write what I want.. ahahaha