Not a common Piano Play by Ye Eun

Wednesday, September 9, 2009
I stumbled upon this fascinating video in Facebook..
A piano play by a 5 years old Ye Eun...
What makes it more interesting is that she was blind...

Let's look at her beautiful performance that somehow has touched my heart..

To be honest with you guys, Ye Eun singing has left something for me to reflect about.

Her situation also made me remembered of a blind man that i knew, in spite of his condition, he was able to recite the Quran and be the Imam for prayer. I don't know if he is a Hafiz or not, but what i know is his memorization is way better than me ~ A guy who can see and read..

Ambigrams: I like it and The Prize..

Sunday, September 6, 2009
I am presented with this artform when my dear friend introduced it to me in the class last year..
Because of him, when i got a pen or a pencil... plus a free time..
I would try to make words so it can be read from upside down..
from the reflection of a mirror...
or simply said.. the words will be readable from other viewpoint, direction or orientation...

What is ambigram?
Just click here...

Ambigram-BelieveImage by Duncan Creamer via Flickr

What is so interesting about ambigram?

I'll show you guys some of the works that I have found via through Zemanta. The picture here shows the word 'BELIEVE'... Now, If you take the picture and rotate it upside down... The words 'BELIEVE' can still be readable

A mirror-image ambigram for the word "Wik...Image via Wikipedia

Here is another picture of the word 'WIKI'. If you take the picture and reflect it to the mirror.. It will still be readable..

If you guys read some of Dan Brown works like Angels and Demon or the D

John Langdon - Angel and DemonsImage by mattjessz via Flickr

avinci Code. You guys must know of the main character Robert Langdon. From what I know, this character was named Langdon as a tribute to the most famous ambigram artist.... John Langdon. His website shows a lot more example of ambigram in a more detailed way. There is also some hints and tips on how to do your own ambigram.. Visit his website

What I have done
I am actually not very good in turning words of letters to a beautiful art. So sometimes I envy people who can writes beautifully. For me, to trying to do such beautiful handwriting would means cooking maggee in 1 hour. I need the time, concentration and patience to do that...

Anyway, it is fun to make words so it can be able to read from different point of views. Here, I did an ambigram of my own signature name 'NAQIUBEX'. It can be read even if you rotate it upside down.

Here is the word 'Budak Surau', i am actually thinking in making a t shirt for the Jemaah Surau in Legenda. it would be cool to make words that can readable even when reflected in the mirror.. It works but I still think a lot more things need to be done to make it more cooler.
This is some rough works that I have done in a piece of paper I found...
Some people may can do it without even doing any rough sketches...
Anyway, I think everyone can do this thing as it is very fun.. Oh yeah, not to forget... The prize that i have promised for Miss Alis. Sorry about the long delay, I have almost forgotten about the Musang things.. Sorry sorry sorry
Anyway, i hope you will accept this not so much reward... The words in the ambigram is 'ALIS'. Try rotate it...

So what are you guys waiting for... Take a piece a paper and a pen.. Try make some ambigrams!