Just a couple weeks… days.. : john Schmidt

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Today is the 15th October 2009..

Now I am just a few weeks away from finishing my HND here in Legenda. Almost every night, me and my friends tiring their butt to finish the final project. Sometimes, we even missed the morning class due to lack of sleep. Actually, I missed a lot of morning class this days.. hehe

There is still many things that we still have to do though… Certain enough, we have to finish it this week… No holds barred…

The reason I suddenly wanted to do a post today is because of something that I just stumbled on Facebook.. Thanks to Shirley, I am in awe to see the  fantastic performances by a brilliant Pianista.. John Schmidt..  

To Taylor Swift and Cold play fans.. I think you might just like it.. Here is John Schmidt – Love Story meets Viva La Vida


Lately there isn’t any cartoons or artwork that I am doing… I have a lot more important things that i have to attend to… Plus, the things that I am scared of the most is…. If I started drawing now.. I might can’t stop drawing for a long period of time… Finish this semester first then I’ll see about other things that I love to do..