Friday, May 29, 2009
Last thursday, the lecturers' week closing ceremony was held. Id say congratulations to the people who works their butt to make the event happen.
Just as promise to my friends and some of my readers, i will post the poem that i read on that unforgettable day.. this is a very special poem dedicated to the lecturers' of Legenda education Group..




We are coming late for the class
Or not coming to the class at all
You were waiting there thinking
The student is going to pay afterall

We are late submitting the assignments
Or not submitting anything at all
You sit there thinking
That the student is going to fail afterall

We are talking behind your back
Or never even see you at all
You sit there laughing
That you are not losing anything at all

We couldn't answer the exams
Or not answering anything at all
You look to him wandering
I've never seen this student in the class at all

As we goin to bed trying to sleep
we couldn't sleep afterall
thinking on what you have done to us
That we have never tried to understand at all

We just know how to
stress you
sickened you
annoys you
hurt you

why don't you just teach me
then just let me go
Because someday we'll think of you
reminded of memories years ago

On how you teached us
On how you helped us
On how you supported us
On how you have faith in us

You're truly one to be admired
For you gave me more than required
we are truly disgusted
After being reminded

For not saying thank you
On what you did to us
For not saying sorry
On what we did to you

Naqib Hakim

This may be my last poem to the lecturers' of Legenda as I will finish my HND this December
The last line id took from my older poem... you can find it on my older post

The Crying Lady

Sunday, May 24, 2009
Look what message did I got from the President of the legenda Student Council... Rashid Rohim

"salam. naqib. lect week ni, hang brsajak nk x? Just utk 5-10 minit.. Ok?"

It says that should I take the proposal to present a poem for the Lecturers' Celebration this thursday?..
Well, It's ON... Now what poem am I gonna present to my sweet lecturers... hehehe... Any Idea guys... Give me the best poem for the sake of our teachers..


hmm.. quite lazy on the colouring

it was Sunday, i was on my way to Batang Benar that day after buying some books at Kinokuniya. Because the seats were all taken, Id have to stand. I'd have nothing to do at that time except listening to my mp3.(Of course, you are in a train!). So, i look around too see if there is some hot cheeks in train... haha just kidding! There is a girl there sitting just a few steps in front of me. She was reading... This girl captivates me not because she is CUTE.. it is more to the way she's reading the book..
She was very very very into it..
Looking very very very sad...

wow.. that was the first time I saw someone reading a book with that sadness in her eyes. That doesn't bothers me much.. until..
Sob.. Sob... She was crying... with tears on her eyes...
in a public transport full of people...
Every people that were around her feels a little discomfort of her reactions.. I don't think it's easy for me to push that level of emotion while reading a book especially in a public area..

Though her actions does look kinda weird, but actually i envy her... Yes... Because I don't have the imagination to make words and letters to a story that i can feel and get absorbed by...
I hope she feels the same while reading Quran..

Oh yeah, about the book she read.. it wasn't just an ordinary book.. it was a magazine.. she was just reading an article in that magazine.. Maybe a very sad article... who knows..

Overconfident.. A lesson I wanna share..

Friday, May 22, 2009
Yo.. It's been a long time since I last made an entry.. I don't have the time.. I am totally busy and tired these days, brr..

Lots of assignments that have to be done.. but I don't mind.. i like assignments.. hehe

what I don't like is quiz..i'm always freak out when there is a quiz.. makes me hard to breathe.. especially when you're not ready.. last minute study.. You must be thinking what kinda student am i right.. it's happen, and i think a lot of you guys are the same as me..

There are some people who likes quiz and I respect them..

Talking about students life, the one thing that I like the most is doing PRESENTATION. I know a lot of you guys hate this stuff. Fortunately to me, i love to talk in front of crowds. Debate, public speaking, trash talking, You name it! The one that I remembered is at highschool when I entered the Interschool debate competition.. Though i loss in the semis.. but I think that is my best experience of public speaking ever!!

Well, maybe because it was held in a girls school, convent Teluk Intan! Muehehe! Girls are magical..

Since that day, I've always putting myself in the center of the stage. When there is a chance for me to go up to the stage to talk, I take it. Because of that, I grew confident in myself that i let myself overwhelmed with arrogance. I became Overconfident.. It is always dangerous to be arrogant or riya'.. and that became a lesson to me..

One day i entered a Forum competition, just like a usual forum where you get a group of people to sit down and talking about sumthin!

At that time, i am representing ST Anthony.. I know that we don't have enough practice and did very little rehersal before the event. But at that day, I am not scared at all, my heart is totally calm and I thought this crap will be a piece of cake. All my friends carried notes in case they don't remember. But i don't! i was totally overconfident!

We entered the stage and sit down, we checked the mics and we are ready..

1.. 2... 3... Go..

The first round...

The moderator ask me a question.. I answered.. kinda well.. until..

...................................BLANK!!! .........................

OMG!! What happenned? I became speechless.. for about 5 seconds

Lucky that I managed to bounce back... the forum continued..

The second round...

This is where it get worst.. we are at the stage and i'd seen the audience talking to each other like we are not even here.. i hate that..So I tried to get them to focus!! I made an impression.. a very loud one!!

It was a success..



wat de fish happened?

At that time I just couldn't talk... I am out of words again... I was ashamed and embarassed... Especially to my team mates.. The moderator just continued to the other guy.

The incident become a very good lesson to me... You are never too good.. it is all depends on God. The moral here is we should not let ourselves become arrogant, overconfident and riya'.Arrogance comes to us in a subtle way, sometime we don't even know that we are arrogant..

So be careful

always remember.. to always be humble... JA Na...

The Battle in the Bus

Monday, May 18, 2009

I was on my way to KL that day after visiting my parents in Lumut. I've got to seat behind the driver, which was unusual to me because I've always got the back seat. I like sitting at the back, especially when the ride gets bumpy. We'll be thrown everywhere!

Anyway, i put on my earphones and start listening to my US oldies. After a couple of miles on the road, i then smelled something awful. Yes, that awfully dreaded smell was coming from a burning cigarretes. Now, who would stupid enough to smoke inside an air conditioned bus. Don't they see the NO SMOKING sign inside the bus. To my surprise, the culprit is our very own BUS DRIVER!

For god sake, now what the hell I suppose to do?
We got kids inside the bus inhaling deadly cigarretes smoke and found the one who suppose to prevent this is the smoker himself. What de fish, I've then do some sign languages as if I am very allergic to cigarretes smoke. I coughed and closed my nose like I am diagnosed for a severe asthma. UhuK! Uhuk! Help me!!! (That was exagerated a little)
I don't know if it works as the driver quickly finished off his cigarette. Lucky that I don't have to yell to stop him.

I am still not contempt with the bus driver attitude. It does not need long for my revenge to take place. An explosion of another deadly gas is going to take place!!!


At least I don't see any NO FARTING sign in the bus. (Fart tu Kentut ya kanak kanak)
The smell is out of this world, even I myself couldn't handle the pressure. Fortunately the bus is still in control and I managed to arrive in KL safe and sound.

Happy Teachers Day

Saturday, May 16, 2009
To all teachers around the world, here is a poem I wrote for you...
about someday... read carefully..


You bore me
You sickened me
You annoys me
Just teach me
Then just let me go

Until Someday
In guilt
to myself

For not saying thank you
On what you did to me
For not saying sorry
On what I did to you

13 days

Thursday, May 14, 2009

You guys see the picture up there.. Well, nothing to be proud of.. As I am the only contestant to get in to the competition. That's why I am the winner.haha
I'll show you guys the picture of my poster later. Some of you guys will laugh on how childish my drawing can be.. I still remembered Doctor kamis said "You the one who did the poster? So cute!"
Wargh!! Maybe I won't show you guys the poster afterall.

Wee... today is the 13th days since i started my blog..
wow.. i never thought it was going to be this long. I don't know why
But there is a certain feeling that kept me entangled with this activity called BLOGGING
Am I addicted? Or simply have a lot of things in my mind that I want to voice out..
Do you guys feel the same too?
Always have that tangible idea every day on what you are going to write..

Simply said...... I think blogging is Fun! To me that is..
What about you guys?
Do you guys have the same feeling with me OR you are driven by a different fuel...
maybe more to your job as Kaleefa...
To Save the world with your ideology...
Or to turn people mind to your devilish instinct...
To find your true love... or just simply ruining someone life....
Whatever it is.. never forget God..

Alright baby.. need to go back home to Perak.. To save the state from chaos and lawlessness HAHAHA Just kidding! jodan jodan

Careful Training..

Monday, May 11, 2009
It was a very quite evening that day, so I was thinking of perfecting my martial art training. Martial arts like Silat Gayong, Karate Do or Naqib Do have always been an important part of my life. Maybe it was because my siblings used to always fight with each other that our family very much keen on learning Martial arts. Almost everybody in my family learns martial art , even both my sister which won some Gold medals in competitions they participated.

Alright, enough with the history... back to the story...
Naturally I would just do some exercize in my room or go out and jog around the college. Somehow, on that evening I managed myself to find a nice spot behind the Surau to do my training. From there I started stretching, pumping and all those kinda stuff. My real purpose to go out that day is to perform a handspring. It was great, I managed to do a couple of time until I grew tired of it and planning to do a 'somersault'. Then so I tried, I jumped, I wasn't able to capitalize, I fall, then BAMM!!! WUOOOH!!

My bottom crushed my leg and it was very painful. I could not move for awhile... crawling to the nearest wall and sit there to ease my pain. The moral I got from this experience is NO PAIN NO GAIN!! I am gonna do it again but with a more careful approach.

LEG Buzz : Cleanliness Campaign!

Friday, May 8, 2009
Hello...................................... Children!
Here again for the latest news from my beloved controversial Legenda Education Group!

Yesterday, there was a gotong royong held in the premise of LEG. The numbers who came were
quite inspiring as many of you Legendarianz might not even know there was such an activity. Or that you don't wanna come? Fortunately, thanx to this pretty faces on the picture, the activity is goin quite well. Eventhough, I came late and didn't even pick a single trash plus eatin donuts while you children doin the hardwork! Good Job Guys... Hehe!

It's great to see this kinda event to happen, it makes those chickenstuts who likes to litter feels stupid about themselves. Or are they?

I know you know that there is those kinda people who throw away their trash anywhere... without even any consideration of finding the damn trash can!
In fact there is a lot of them... and they damn love it! They love... to litter!
And they just make me MAD!
To the guys who love to litter! LitterHeads! You just show yourself that you are the most ungrateful ******** in the world!

You throw your garbage in the drain
You like it
You throw your garbage in the river
You like it
You litter to be free
as long as you feel like it
what if I throw the garbage in your house
Do you like it?
What if I make your room my wasteland
Do you like it?
You don't?

Please..... don't make peoples and animals suffer just only for the sake of your joy.
Think about the turtles choked by your plastic wrapping and the pest that you breed
Think about a clean environment for our children to inherit
Don't be an ignorant and selfish fool.. don't depend on the cleaners to do your job...
What if there is nobody who wanted to do this job?...
Poor girl.... For those childrens who are good to the environment.. Let tell those LitterHeads to STOP!

Legenda Buzz: Smoking Kills by Dr Kamis

Monday, May 4, 2009

Legenda Buzz!! Newest news of our beloved controversial Legenda Education Group (LEG)!!

This week, Legenda is having their cleanliness campaign that sounds like a boring campaign and it actually does a little. But still every college have to do this campaign to tell people not to throw their damn rubbish everywhere. Don't be a jackass, please think about what it will happen if we ain't taking care of the world anymore. I'd seen a lot of people does this crap in Malaysia, try to be a good citizen by throwin it wisely.

Back to the title, yesterday I went to a talk about...... SMOKING! Ugh! People still gives public speeches about smoking? Well, they have too by looking at the huge quantity of smokers. But Hell, who smokers kind enough to carry their stinkin butt to a STOP SMOKIN Campaign.
The Speaker is none other than one of my respected leaders that is Dr Kamis Awang, the Rector of LEG. Because most of you Einstein already knows about smoke and its negative impacts upon us. Lets skip talking and continue with the important part. Hahaha... like smoking have any good.. What? To make you relax? Stop give me the crap! Pergi Solat la baru tenang jiwa...

The message that i want to give to my fellow reader is that we have urge the smokers to stop smoking. We have to help this poor creatures by always telling them to stop smoking! It is always a scene where a non smoker would just let his or her friends smokes happily in front of him. THAT IS WRONG, be brave, tell him by lookin them straight to the eyes and use the magical word....
Please stop!
Something like that must be always done and not just let those harbingers ruin your life!
Non smokers! if you are not 2nd hand smokers you are 3rd hand smokers. Remember that!
So be brave! and tell your friends to STOP SMOKING!

Hot Babe......!! panazz

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Can you feel that it is gettin hotter day by day or is it just me?
I don't mean i am feeling hot because of meeting a cute babe
There is a difference between 'Hot babe' and 'hot be....b'.

Anyway, we ain't gonna talk about babes though I met some Sabah girls at a friend wedding today.
Btw, Congratulations to the newly wed Eena and his husband. May they have a wonderful marriage.

Lets get back to the topic of Why the hell is it gettin hotter here!
One answer that is given by Al Gore is... Ehem!
Global Warming... Easy..

It is caused by greenhouse effect and that, this and bla bla bla.. read the Wiki to know more! Some of you guys may know a lot more about it than me and the Wikipedia..
Especially the guy that smoke, if you don't know.. than you should know more... than you know that you should damn stop smoking.. Don't wanna stop?.. than the door to hell is wide open for you guys.

Stop about the smokers! We'll get to them in later posts. Now we are talking about Global Warming.. The signs shows us that the Earth is decaying.. From tsunamis to Super Tsunamis, heat waves to killer heat waves, bird flue to selsema BABI(Sounds alot better in Malay). All the catastrophes is getting more destructive. Signs of the apocalypse is near.

Does the greenhouse effects and other relevant causes is the only causes of global warming?
Is there something else that are purposely hidden from us?
As I search for answers in the rise of the temperature, i stumbled upon a lot of sites and articles about Nibiru. It is also called Planet X or something like that. Try use the search engine and type 'nibiru' to learn more about them. It look like a hoax and much of them are documentaries created by religious cult (ajaran sesat).

From all those i found something interesting in which the orbital orientation of Nibiru is related to the allignment of the planets. Plus, every planets that have passed through by nibiru have stopped their rotation and changed their axis and in that process the planets temperature is rising. That explains the theory of global warming. What interest me most is that the axis of the planet is changed. Wonder what happen to earth if the axis is changed?

Matahari akan terbit sebelah barat dan terbenam di timur
One of the signs of Judgment day...
Where the door for for forgiveness will be closed..
pintu Taubat akan tertutup

Even more, most of them said that it will happen 2012.. Cool..

Interesting right? Any of you didn't understand? Wanna talk about it? Contact me!

Finally, I can conclude that we must always ready to confront our death because we do not know when are we gonna die. Only the Almighty God knows.

My Birthday!!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Heh! I've never thought of posting anything to this blog until I realize it was my birthday today!!
Hell... now I am 21, the voting age in Malaysia.
You know what? Why wait until 21 to vote? Why not 18 years old? You know why?
I know and i think you know too... lambat matang ke? tak mungkin....
Anyway... back to the birthday topic!! Ngarut je...

my Birthday...
Eventhough there is no celebration
Because I have no girlfriends to celebrate with...
no present to open and no candles to blow..
I still think it is one of the best day in my life..
I love my birthday.. 2nd May

Macam sajak je.. memang pun..
Wat de fish.. why do you love your birthday without any cake?...
There is no need for damn cake!! As long as we remember about the great thing of birthdays..
The great thing about celebrating birthday is that it make us realize that we are closer to death...
What is so good about remembering us about our death?
If you guys don't think like that than think again!
It's good to prepare.. because there is no cure for death..
you won't live again to do good deeds when you realize you are goin to HELL!

So my fellas, don't play play...
You play but erghh you know what i mean...
Do good deeds like your multiplyin mountain of homework...
Same goes with me..