LEG Buzz : Cleanliness Campaign!

Friday, May 8, 2009
Hello...................................... Children!
Here again for the latest news from my beloved controversial Legenda Education Group!

Yesterday, there was a gotong royong held in the premise of LEG. The numbers who came were
quite inspiring as many of you Legendarianz might not even know there was such an activity. Or that you don't wanna come? Fortunately, thanx to this pretty faces on the picture, the activity is goin quite well. Eventhough, I came late and didn't even pick a single trash plus eatin donuts while you children doin the hardwork! Good Job Guys... Hehe!

It's great to see this kinda event to happen, it makes those chickenstuts who likes to litter feels stupid about themselves. Or are they?

I know you know that there is those kinda people who throw away their trash anywhere... without even any consideration of finding the damn trash can!
In fact there is a lot of them... and they damn love it! They love... to litter!
And they just make me MAD!
To the guys who love to litter! LitterHeads! You just show yourself that you are the most ungrateful ******** in the world!

You throw your garbage in the drain
You like it
You throw your garbage in the river
You like it
You litter to be free
as long as you feel like it
what if I throw the garbage in your house
Do you like it?
What if I make your room my wasteland
Do you like it?
You don't?

Please..... don't make peoples and animals suffer just only for the sake of your joy.
Think about the turtles choked by your plastic wrapping and the pest that you breed
Think about a clean environment for our children to inherit
Don't be an ignorant and selfish fool.. don't depend on the cleaners to do your job...
What if there is nobody who wanted to do this job?...
Poor girl.... For those childrens who are good to the environment.. Let tell those LitterHeads to STOP!

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Tengku SIM said...
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Tengku SIM said...

cool! fortunately im not a litterhead!! but im a person who has a little head! muahaha

naqiubex said...

To Tengku SIM: Little head.. but braver than me! I couldn't dive the way that you did!

Mr . K said...

Cleanliness Campaign....umh aku pon x berkemas lg...cam ne la aku nk turun sama2 pegang plastik sampah...Top Management x turun kutip sampah ke??

naqiubex said...

To Mr K: Tanam pokok adela.. Tapi time tu saya takde jadi tak tau alkisahnya..