Gunung Angsi: The journey

Saturday, June 27, 2009

GA 01 | 830am Gunung AngsiImage by eddiewls via Flickr

i just barely able to walk right now...

This week, me and my friend Azim have gone to climb mount Angsi. We actually entered a race in which whoever reached the top first will get a cash prize of RM500. That is not why we entered the race though... There is no chance for us college students to win compared to those athletes who have trained vigorously for this competition.

Where is Mount Angsi?
Mount Angsi is located at the Ulu Bendul Recreational Park, Negeri Sembilan. It is about 10-20 kilometres way from Seremban on the Kuala Pilah route. i actually have no intention to go there until Azim asked me if i wanted to join him. Azim is also a blogger, click here to go to his blog..
Going there by motorcycle.... 7.15 am
we went there by motorcycle.....
I was a little cautious about this because i am notorious for falling asleep while riding a motorbike. zzzz.... No I don't sleep..

Arrived at destination... about 8.20 am
When we arrived at ulu Bendul, we settled down at a Food stall. Well.. its actually two food stall. We didn't know that until the two owner starts to argue about the food that we order. My friend accidentally ordered a Nasi lemak from the other food stall and his drink from the other one.
It's Horrible...
I also pissed off when they gave me a nasi lemak... which I didn't even order them. It seems like they are very hasty in taking the orders so that the customer won't able to order from the other food stall... Eisshhh!!
I think that they should put a fence so that the customer knows how to differentiate the two stall.

Starting point of the race, so many have come to participate in this event....

Starting point 9.30am
Nice isn't it.. I am glad that such an event got a lot of responds.. There is students, families and even athletes from countries that i don't even know came for the event. There is even a lot of cute girls here hahaha...It was an easy mountain to climbed but it became hard because we run to to reach the peak...

The climb 10 am
I ran at the first kilometres of the race. It was really tiring, but I continued on...
After i couldn't handle it anymore, I walked... i switched back to running and the rythym goes on.. running and walking...
At a certain point of the race, ive stopped for awhile to get some rest... At this time, Azim came from behind and overtook me..

Actually, ive underestimated this guy because of his frail and skinny body. But he sure got the endurance to climb this mountain alright.

Some small girls, A couple of Old men are beating me...
Wha!! I couldn't believe that this guys could catch up to me...

I was damn tired,thirsty... and my foot just couldn't move as i wanted. I suffered leg cramps that made me unable to walk properly. It makes my climb to be slower and slower....

The view from the top of Mount Angsi.. Eii.. Whose house is that?

I am at the top... 11.40am
Even with all the hardships, I have managed to get at the top of this Mountain.
What surprises me when reached the top is..............................
I've got stung by a bee!!! Ouch!!! It have been a long time since i have ever stung by one...
Anyway.. thank god i reached the top...
The view was spectacular but i coudn't managed to get a good picture of it... Sorry...

The way down.. 12pm
Eventhough i've reached the top, but the cramps still didn't go away. It is very painful continuing like this... That wasn't an obstacle anymore as a kind boy from Senawang gave me a remedial oil to ease off the strain... Miraculously it worked.. I thanked the boy and continued the way down together.. Because I was so pumped up, I eventually left him and continued climbing down the mountain in a very fast pace.
I drank some water from this small rivulet to quench my thirst. It was very refreshing....

I don't know if it was just me... but to me.. the way back down is 10 times easier than climbing up..
In my way back down, i've managed to catch up with some people who have overtook me earlier...
i've also managed to find some people who weren't able to continue the climb...

As I reached the bottom, i was kinda shocked to see that there is actually not many people who have reached the peak. I've started wandering where is the hell is the young boys... They should have been able to finished the race. What a waste of youth...

Back home 2.30 pm
Before we went back, we enjoyed ourselves bathing in the river.. The water was very cold though...

I am glad i have gone through this journey...
I have always love the beauty of the forest...
If I have the chance..
I would go there again..
Climb another mountain...
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Michael jackson Dies, Age 50

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Michael Jackson, cropped from :Image:Michael J...Image via Wikipedia

It was being reported in the news that the famous singer have died due to Cardiac arrest. More report on the pop superstar. click here

Michael jackson or Mikaeel (his muslim name) have converted to Islam recently in 2008. You can click here for report about his convertion.

May Allah bless his soul.. Al fatihah..

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The Children who can't be Adults

When I was the president of the student council, I always hang out at the Students affair department. Because of my regularities in the office, i've always mistaken to be a worker there. There was time when the Nepalist Guard will salute me as I am entering the college.. Its kinda tickles me as they do that.. But not anymore... I still remembered that when the Rector, Dr Kamis comes to the Students Affair Department, I will flee from the office to avoid from seeing his face. He said to me "the office is place for staffs only.. Students are not allowed to go in and out freely... bla bla bla".
I got the point, It was my fault..

Anyway, my life as a student's council sometimes exposes me to the students cases. Though we are not suppose to know, but my eyes and ears just can't shut myself up from knowing the crimes commited by the students. Don't be shock, crime like stealing, adultery, gangsterisme are quite common in youths nowadays. Almost every college have the same problems.... You ask yourself.. why does this happen...

Its always came to my ear about students who are caught for close proximity (khalwat). Whether boys are caught in the girls hostel room or otherwise. You know what are they doing right.. that is why this blog is only for 18 years old and older. Id say keep on reading even if you are still a highschool student... this might be a bit of reminder for you guys.

Back to the topic, In islam, it is stated in "don't come near to fornification..." 17:32. However, youth nowadays don't want to listen. They just kept on being tricked by lust saying that this is LOVE...
Many youth are confused whether they do this for love or for lust.
Either way, because of a night of happiness, suffer for a lifetime....

We are being bombarded with cases that involves youth or teenagers about child abortion and abandoned babies. This is what happen when we are doing something without even thinking the consequences. When an adolescent unmarried girl is test positive for pregnancy, the choice that they have is to do an abortion which in other word killing the innocent baby or just get on with it and being a mother at young age. Which the mother will be going through a very hard life, many of them will have to drop ut of school and finds a job to support her baby. Her son or daughter will also facing a very hard time in their life. Probably being called a 'bastard' or whatsoever in their school.

On the other hand, many impregnant girl will found themselves humiliated and embarassed to face anyone. Because of this, the innocent babies will likely be abandoned. Sadly, some of the babies were dumped in the most disgusting places. There is cases where babies were found bitten by stray animals. If you don't have the guts, don't click!!

I just don't get it, if they don't want to keep the baby. Why don't they just put the babies to somewhere better.. at least try taking them to an adoption centre.. Jeez..

the latest artwork...

My eyes hurt doing this... hahaha... takes me about three hours to do this.......


Moral: To unmarried couples out there, it would be harsh if i say stop your relationship isn't it?.. So I would like to say.. control your feeling whether you are a female or male... think about what will happen.. think about the abandoned child... think about them who have suffered...

How to control your feeling? Find out yourselves.. my hands is hurting right now.. I typed too much....

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I am alone

Wednesday, June 24, 2009
My housemate left me this morning, leaving me with a bag of bread for me to finish. Now... I am all alone in this house...
Now its time for Paah.. tay.....
Open the music!
Follow the beat!
Now its all mine!!! Badabing badabing!! badaboom..

Chill man... i have to finish something here first.. then i will go back to my hometown..

Moral: We are never alone........

Achieving Achievements

Saturday, June 20, 2009
The semester break has always been what I am waiting for...
Not for me to just go home to Venice and relax. It is for me.. and maybe for us is the most precious time to achieve something....
Something that we cannot do so often while we were studying or working... In order for my holidays to not just remains as holidays... i've always set up some goals on what I wanted to achieve in my semester break... As now I am a blogger, i've decided to list down some of my goals in this blog so that my spirits will never burned out...

One of the goals is about books.. yeah.. Somehow I've got problems in spending my time with books last semester.. I hope this time i can read them peacefully...

kisah Para nabi...

After you read the Sirah.. i thought it might be ideal to then read about the prophets based more on the Quran and hadith.. That is what have been done by Ibn Katsir... I don't think I have problem reading this book because i've actually gone through some of the stories of prophets in this book.. It is really a great book to read...

Healing with the medicine of the prophet

it is just not fun to do anything without a healthy body. So to keep a healthy body... where can we get the best tip from.. No other than the way of our prophet Rasulullah SAW...

Tao of jeet Kune Do (JKD)

Though it is just like remainance of notes about martial arts and JKD from the late Bruce Lee. It is still interesting to know on what was one of the famous martial artist have left for us... There is lots of words of virtue in this book like..

"there is no fixed teaching, All I can provide is an appropriate medicine for a particular ailment"

"punch when you have to punch; kick when you have to kick"

My next goal, i am thinkin to train to perfecting my handspring and back flip. I hope by the end of this semester break.. I will simply able to those moves without hesitation..Photoshop!! Maybe this will be my priority in this semester break.. i am still twinkering with the basics right now... Theres a lot i need to know about this thing so that i know how to put background, layering, lasso tool,filtering...Its a lot better if someone just can teach me personally how to do this.. I've gone through tutorials in the Youtube but I just don't get it.. A lot of them just show their drawing skills, how to draw this and that... in which i've already knew

Anyway, its good to have plan about what you are going to do in your holiday... going out, visit other countries, relax.. its up to you..
BUT don't forget about our parents at home...
Spend your time with them and do what you have to do as a son or daughter... Don't make your free time wasted doing nothing..
i am a bit dissapointed when when I asked people about their semester break and they answered..

"My holidays is boring"
"It is boring at home, there is nothing I can do"
"sleepin.. doin nothin".

What is up with that attitude.. There's a whole lot of thing this in world to be discovered.. fill this life with good deeds as much as possible.. May this be a reminder for me and to us all..

Lets Burn Something!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Oh the smell of the fried chicken...
Oh the taste of self cook cuisine...

How long has it been... since i last cook anything ...
The second best thing I like to make after drawing is cooking...

Because there is no class today so I went to the kitchen and cook anything that I can found in the kitchen.. Today's meal is Fried Chicken butter, telur goreng and Sambal... with rice of course..
Though its just a simple dish but it taste much better than eating outside... Bismillah...

Tonight the menu will be spahetti with .. erm.. not sure..

*******Moral: The moral here is....erm..... don't eat too much Maggee.. not good for health..

National Service (Khidmat Negara)

Monday, June 15, 2009

I heard about the news that the government wanted to make the National Service compulsory to every 18 years old. I don't really mind about that idea.. Plus. i think that is what the government should've done long before.This will give the equal rights for every 18 years old to enter the service whether they wanted it or not.

I was an NS trainee before.. which camp I enter? I don't wanna tell you..
What I know is that when my name were in the list to be in the NS. I was so damn excited..
So what have I done?
I did my very own special physical training to be able to endure the hardness of any military service could be.. I do weightlifting, jogging for miles, all that kinda stuff that would make your body stronger...

As I set foot into the camp, the experience that i've been through is not as I expected it to be.. Very very very far from what I have imagined...

Before I tell you guys about my experience, I wanna say that every activities, sessions and slot that were implemented in the NS is good. It really was fun, educational and exciting..... but.... it was not that good enough. The NS remains only as that... the same similar thing that can be learned from seminars or bootcamp in the highschool that have been done by groups like Biro Tatanegara, or somethin similar.

There was lack of security and observation being done to the trainee. Furthermore, a very weak disciplinary action to the trainee in which the punishment is very light... The punishment were actually very heavy at first but it was lighten down because of the complains that have been done by the trainees making the administration of the camp limits the count of punisment. As an example, only 10 pushups were done instead of 100 that have been done in the first few days of the start of the training.

There was lot of drama there... Fighting... Gansterisme (real gangster.. some of them have their own gang)... adultery ( couple couple... some were caught kissin).. Stealing.. Smoking...
What is up with all that?? What is a National service if they can't handle that situation???
The one that i was really pissed off was in the end of the programme... some of the trainee popped out some cigarrettes from nowhere and smokes!!! In the bloody NS CAMP!!!
What a shame... an indication that the programme is not working... It was not the trainer fault though as i've seen they were doing their best to stop this..

To make it more simpler.. i will list down my good and bad experience that i've been through..

Good experience
  • I've learned to live with people from around the country...
  • Wake up at 5Am which I am a morning guy anyway
  • Won some competitions with my company.. ended up gettin the second place in overall champion
  • Love the activities
  • Love push ups
  • Love my friends
  • Love the trainers, commanders and everyone in the admin.. they were my inspiration...
Bad experience
  • Fighting... a lot..
  • Almost have a fight with a crowd of people.. 1 0n 30 sumthin.. lucky a trainer was there.. so I survived (I was so strict)
  • A sledgehammer in the locker for safety
  • Stones were thrown at me by some rascals
  • Boooed by people who hate me while I was giving a public speech (cos there was nobody else who have the guts to talk.. i have no choice)
  • Sad seeing most of the trainees to be so lazy, not disciplined, lousy, jealous, everything!! Arghh!!
  • My uniform were too big...
Weird Experience
  • A girl confesses her love to me... It's not the first time but it still is weird...
In the end, i think that they suppose to change NS to a more military style training. From my experiences, i learned that the old ways aint gonna help in creating outstanding citizen. We have to apply the true National Service... replicating national service in countries like Korea or Singapore. That is what a true National Service supposed to be... Plus, do not used the trainee to be a political instrument that such we have seen clearly in media where trainees is being used for campaigning by U*N*.. what a shame... Totally..

ps: This article is made not to defy the government.. NOT... Just think of them as a report of my experiences in NS. I don't wanna be detained and locked up in ISA! Got that!
Anyway it was still an experiences that I will never forget.. a lot that I have learned especially in knowing people and their social behaviour.. everything have its hikmah..
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Bukit Nibong

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Last friday, i got a call from my brother, Hakim.

Hakim: nak pergi Melaka tak? Pergi balik kampung..
naqiubex: Boleh boleh boleh... Jom!!

My bro invited me to go to Melaka! It has been about two years since i haven't visited my relatives there... We are heading to Kg Bukit Nibong Paya Dalam, a village located in Melaka. Which is actually the place where my parents grow up. When my 'Atok and nenek' were still alive, our family always came to this place... especially in Hari Raya.

As my father always taught his children when visiting someone... Do not make a phonecall to inform them, we will just make our way to our relative houses without them even knowing that we are coming.. always wanted to put that element of surprise eventhough we came from hundreds miles away.. we went to Bukit Katil first to see our relatives there... and the result is.... there was nobody home... HAHAHA

When we arrived at Bukit Nibong, we were lucky to finally meet our relatives there.. I was so glad as I haven't seen them for a long time... I was also glad that they still recognized me.. even when my hair was long and messy.. Ouch.. This visit to Bukit Nibong is a very nostalgic moment for me.. Memories of my childhood just rushing into my head.. I was really happy and excited.

Take all the Rambutans BRO!!
Is it the fruit season? Because there is lots of them.. Durians, Jambu, Nangka, Rambutans.....
So.. what are we waiting for.. climb the trees and take them all!

The one to the right is my brother's son. My ever vigilant nephew..........
and the other guys identity............. is.............. a secret!

In the end we were really having a great time there, my bro sent me back to the college bringing a handful of gifts. In which I planned to give it to my housemates. I seldom bringing anything to the hostels. If I did, I would just tossed it somewhere and forget about it. Lucky I have my friends to finish those rambutans... Not to forget, its look like my tummy is getting bigger again.... I almost had those pecs and now its gone.... back to the sit ups again... \

Moral : Go back home if you have the time.. But don't go back home so often.. nanti meluat pulak tengok...

A Reunion

Friday, June 12, 2009
  • I guess there is no choice here.. The time and work that I have.. I don't think that I suppose to leave the college right now.. I am sorry my friends of Joharian.. I couldn't come to the reunion tomorrow.. Maybe i'll see you guys again next time...
  • Class is finished.. Now it's exam time!! Come on!!

Arabian Knight

I was suppose to do something else, but my hand couldn't stop playing with the photoshop.. So i did this work of an Arabian knight holding a scimitar as fast as I could.. The sword does look distorted though.. haha.... Inspiration came from Ong Bak 2... Love that movie!!

A pleasant view

Sunday, June 7, 2009
Sitting here on a bench, I was in a park. Watching people doing their lively activities...
There are people jogging, sightseeing, taking their kids around to play. It was a very pleasant view...

Seeing this, making me feel pity for the people who lives were devastated by the brutality of crimes and war. To the people of Gaza, Darfur, Bosnia and a lot more war driven countries. Those people endure pain everyday.. Unlike us..

While they were crying..
We are out here playing..
While they are dying to find food...
We are dying because of eating too much food...
We always forget about them.. we always forget to help them.. we always forget to pray for them...

Some of us don't even care about them...
As we are moving far away from them, slowly we are heading to the right same direction.
The crime rates is going up everyday..
Mat Rempit, kidnappers, Ah Long, robbers, house killers are going rampant...
Even our own HOME SWEET HOME can be turned into an asylum of despair..
The government are very sloppy at handling this...
Entertainment nowadays looks like encouraging this... (REMPIT, KL Drift nonsense that promote misbehaviour among teenagers)

We don't want a world like that right? I know we couldn't have pleasantville... but the least is a safe environment..
I don't have to say what to do because I think you already knew... Jaa naa..

A pleasant viewYay.. somebody need to teach me using photoshop someday... The lineart is still unsatisfying...
Plus.. I don't know how to do layering..

Random notes: Cat Puke

Friday, June 5, 2009
I'd have a lot of things to write about on the last few days.. Because of the time.. I do it like this..
  • A day full of appreciation and reward... Sometimes some people just takes your heart away without we even noticing that its gonna come. I couldn't really say how thankful I am for your wonderful gift to me Mr Balaraman. All I did is just delivering a few words, but you call me without knowing who I really am... Giving me a memory that I will treasure for a lifetime...
  • Celcom bills... Streamyx bills.. bills bills bills.... tax tax burn burn burn...
  • I've just been interviewed by a reporter about the collapsed Stadium.. Im not sure if id really seen something right before its collapsed.. See the full report here
  • For those people who tagged me, i am sorry that I still do nothing about it. I will try to return back the favor someday.
  • Yucky! Who puke in the front of my house door steps. It's a cat? Why would it want to puke all the way to the fifth floor.. (My house is at the fifth floor)
Cat Puke
This is a tragedy that struck my house recently.. A test for me whether i will do the cleaning or my housemate. The moral of this is "Everything that happen to us, have its hikmah".
What is the hikmah?
Of course it have its own reward that we could not see..
So don't be sad..

.................................................. eventually nobody cleaned the disgusting puke.. later..........


Tuesday, June 2, 2009
Erm.. wow.. Its already June, so it have been a month long since I started blogging.. It also reminded me that I got a lot of assignments to submit. Plus, gonna be ready for the upcoming exam and a test this Friday... Wooh.. Life is good..

I feel so relieved last night, it have been 2 weeks since I last stretched my muscles. After goin back to the training ground, I feel so much refreshed right now.. Its look like a lot of my colleague in the Gayong regiment have improved. I was kinda ashamed of myself, cause Id have forgotten a lot of moves and there are some moves that I still haven't learned yet. I am lucky to have my friends to back me up.

There was a sparring session last night that I didn't even know it was a sparring. Id just came out volunteering myself to be the opponent.

Id said to my teacher "What's this Sensei?".
My friend 'Ibrahim' which is my opponent at that time said "Don't hit the head and the crotch"
Then I knew it was a sparring.. LOL.. i was a bit awkward back then because it have been a very long time since I done this. The last time I did is while I was in High school learning Karate under Shito Ryu or in a Silat competition. Which one I don't remember

That means, it have been about 3 years or sumthin! All my coordination, precision, power, balance and form is off. The outstanding charecteristic of the expert athlete is his ease of movement, even during maximal effort.

Ahh.. I really need to get rid of this excess fat in my belly.. Really slowing my movement..

I wanna let you go..

Monday, June 1, 2009
Limiting to only 10 subjects? Even I took 11.. wat de fish..


my little bro is sick at home.. I knew that he should've never ate that instant noodle too much!


The dove in the picture is a Geopelia Striata or locally known as 'Burung Merbok'.
This bird is kept by someone i knew, living just a block away from the Surau..
From time to time, i will visit the bird's man made nest to have a glimpse of this beautiful but poor animal.
The bird leg is tied by a small rope...
I don't know if the bird's wing is clipped.. usually they does it to avoid the bird from flying far..
Her fate living in a dark, uncomfortable and lonely world is all because of the human activity called bird catching or 'Pikat burung'.
Don't they see the difference in their eyes when they roam freely in the sky..
compared to birds that are held in the cage?

I don't mind if the dove is caught and breed for its benefits in producing eggs or meat..
But I don't see that to this bird..
What I see is sad.. tied up bird.. being a victim of fullfilling a pathetic human pleasure..

The owner of this bird is the type of guy that is hard to be reasoned with.. All that i can do is pray.. Imagine yourselves tied like the bird.. Wouldn't it be painful..