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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Can you feel that it is gettin hotter day by day or is it just me?
I don't mean i am feeling hot because of meeting a cute babe
There is a difference between 'Hot babe' and 'hot be....b'.

Anyway, we ain't gonna talk about babes though I met some Sabah girls at a friend wedding today.
Btw, Congratulations to the newly wed Eena and his husband. May they have a wonderful marriage.

Lets get back to the topic of Why the hell is it gettin hotter here!
One answer that is given by Al Gore is... Ehem!
Global Warming... Easy..

It is caused by greenhouse effect and that, this and bla bla bla.. read the Wiki to know more! Some of you guys may know a lot more about it than me and the Wikipedia..
Especially the guy that smoke, if you don't know.. than you should know more... than you know that you should damn stop smoking.. Don't wanna stop?.. than the door to hell is wide open for you guys.

Stop about the smokers! We'll get to them in later posts. Now we are talking about Global Warming.. The signs shows us that the Earth is decaying.. From tsunamis to Super Tsunamis, heat waves to killer heat waves, bird flue to selsema BABI(Sounds alot better in Malay). All the catastrophes is getting more destructive. Signs of the apocalypse is near.

Does the greenhouse effects and other relevant causes is the only causes of global warming?
Is there something else that are purposely hidden from us?
As I search for answers in the rise of the temperature, i stumbled upon a lot of sites and articles about Nibiru. It is also called Planet X or something like that. Try use the search engine and type 'nibiru' to learn more about them. It look like a hoax and much of them are documentaries created by religious cult (ajaran sesat).

From all those i found something interesting in which the orbital orientation of Nibiru is related to the allignment of the planets. Plus, every planets that have passed through by nibiru have stopped their rotation and changed their axis and in that process the planets temperature is rising. That explains the theory of global warming. What interest me most is that the axis of the planet is changed. Wonder what happen to earth if the axis is changed?

Matahari akan terbit sebelah barat dan terbenam di timur
One of the signs of Judgment day...
Where the door for for forgiveness will be closed..
pintu Taubat akan tertutup

Even more, most of them said that it will happen 2012.. Cool..

Interesting right? Any of you didn't understand? Wanna talk about it? Contact me!

Finally, I can conclude that we must always ready to confront our death because we do not know when are we gonna die. Only the Almighty God knows.

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