The Crying Lady

Sunday, May 24, 2009
Look what message did I got from the President of the legenda Student Council... Rashid Rohim

"salam. naqib. lect week ni, hang brsajak nk x? Just utk 5-10 minit.. Ok?"

It says that should I take the proposal to present a poem for the Lecturers' Celebration this thursday?..
Well, It's ON... Now what poem am I gonna present to my sweet lecturers... hehehe... Any Idea guys... Give me the best poem for the sake of our teachers..


hmm.. quite lazy on the colouring

it was Sunday, i was on my way to Batang Benar that day after buying some books at Kinokuniya. Because the seats were all taken, Id have to stand. I'd have nothing to do at that time except listening to my mp3.(Of course, you are in a train!). So, i look around too see if there is some hot cheeks in train... haha just kidding! There is a girl there sitting just a few steps in front of me. She was reading... This girl captivates me not because she is CUTE.. it is more to the way she's reading the book..
She was very very very into it..
Looking very very very sad...

wow.. that was the first time I saw someone reading a book with that sadness in her eyes. That doesn't bothers me much.. until..
Sob.. Sob... She was crying... with tears on her eyes...
in a public transport full of people...
Every people that were around her feels a little discomfort of her reactions.. I don't think it's easy for me to push that level of emotion while reading a book especially in a public area..

Though her actions does look kinda weird, but actually i envy her... Yes... Because I don't have the imagination to make words and letters to a story that i can feel and get absorbed by...
I hope she feels the same while reading Quran..

Oh yeah, about the book she read.. it wasn't just an ordinary book.. it was a magazine.. she was just reading an article in that magazine.. Maybe a very sad article... who knows..

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Lun said...

hoho it might be very sad..
hey naquibex! remember the book i bought in kinukonya?
(one liter of tears-true story-)
you shold buy this book...
so sad sob2
even in the story in the drama i cried non stop..

naquibex.. nice drawing i say, you had improved.. good job!

naqiubex said...

LOl.. I love de drama.. Later i'll buy the book.

Not really good.. I miscoloured the hand.. see de difference between de colour of the face and the hand..

Farah Adila said...

org perempuan kalo layan novel sedih2, mmg meleleh x benti air mata tu.. but i wonder y tat girl can cry in a public? hurmm...

Lun said...

that girl "mencapap" actually

naqiubex said...

mencapap itu apa? macam tak senonoh jer bunyi

SuFy said...

hehe..terlebey feel tuh girl tu bagos lar, sufy pon slalu bace buku yg besh dn sedih memang nages pon..hak3

guntur said...


memang begitulah,perempuan dgn jiwa yg mudah tersentuhnya,lelaki dgn
egonya.hakikatnya 2-2 adalah emosi

wujudnya emosi tak dapat dielakkan.
akal yg dapat mengawal emosi itu.

mungkin that cute girl yg menangis tu,emosinya menguasai akal.siapa tau.

bertambah cute la kalau beliau menangis.cik naqiu tak cuba memujuk?

fariha_shahida said...


standard la tuh klu baca buku nangis..

xpenah ker??hee..

tapi lagi indah andainya tangisan itu
bersulam taubat..kerana janji Tuhan siapa yg menagis kerana taqwa(takut kpdNYA)..

maka diharamkan api neraka keatsa dirinya..

subhanAllah..sama2 renunggi..

lagi yg senang nagis nih hatinya lembut..bila hati lembut, insyaAllah Islam mudah meresap dalam dirinya..

ameen.. peace! :D

naqiubex said...

To Farah and Sufy: Oh... Naqib susah la nak feel kalau baca buku..

To Guntur: LOL.. No way.. Seganler..

To Fariha Shahida: Bagi saya, itu perasaan yang paling susah dicari..

miko_chan06 said...

aiyo.....its normal when u reading a book n cry at the same time loo.. XD
thats what we called feel the emotions~~~~
budak Art..feel kene lebeh oo..

theBluesman said...

Very touching indeed. It was like a reminiscent of sorts for me when reading your story. I used to witness quite frequently such scenes when i was commuting in the crowded subways/trains in Tokyo way back. The Japanese are very fond of reading even in crowded subways/trains. Sometimes i could see sadness with uncontrollable shedding of tears. What's shocking mind you even the jap guys are doing that too. Gila punya jepun! Write more about your observation when traveling in the trains ya.

mr.iz said...

haha.. she found that the article about her favorite actor already marriage.. i think...
so that why she crying lorrr... hahahaha...

naqiubex said...

To miko: Oh really.. hohoho

To the Bluesman: I'll try. "naqiubex and the train" hahaha
japanese guys are now more in touch with their feminine side.. LOL

To mr iz: whose that actor? me? hehehe

Lun said...

mencapap tu mencari publisiti murahan la naquibex

░♥si lampu neon♥░ said...


naqiubex said...

Ntah lah.. saya tak pandai nak bezakan bangsa bangsa ni.. huhuhu
kulit dia warna kuning kuning coklat

ファラ 'aqila said...

hehehe..girl have soft heart..cepat to sometimes cried when i read something touchable...

Farha Ghouse said...

u suka baca buku apa? i love reading as well :D

some girls diorang ni sentimental and emotional, so bila diorang baca diorang boleh rasa. i selalu jugak camtu. kejap nangis cam gila, kejap ketawa tak ingat dunia.

joegrimjow said...

tak slalu hari tak indah

ahpaii said...

waaa, nangis dlm tren?perghh~asal tak gi pujok dier ajk tgk wayang kee?ahaha~ xP layh amik no tepon skalik~akaka~

naqiubex said...

To ファラ 'aqila: hoho

To Farha Ghouse: Buku... saya tak baca novel.. suka baca buku pasal falsafah, agama, dan komik/manga

To Joe grimjow: hoho

To ahpaii: LOL..

nadia :) said...

aiya very impressed dgn sketch kartun tu semua.:P
tgk kartun je lebih:D

Nazra~ said...

love this entry of yours.
enjoy it ^_^

naqiubex said...

To nadia : Kartun mmg best hoho

To nazra : oww.. thx

cik erin said...

oh really?
umm. i think kinda normal la cried when u read about any sad stories.
or may be hear sad songs.
but in public?
gosh, she's really kinda hebat person la.

anyways, girls are sensitive.
easy to feel touched, easy to cry.
but hard to take away her heart. :)

syai_mania2000 said...

crying while reading in public?? i can understand if u cried while reading alone.. she's really emotional n sensitive dont u think?