Tuesday, August 4, 2009

"God, What happened!?"

My friend suddenly stopped the bike and I was shocked to see what happened in front of me. A bike just flipped from the ground after hitting a Grey Aeroback. I realized that they are my friends, we were just behind them on our way to Melaka.

It was tuesday evening when me and my friends supposed to visit a factory in Melaka. The visit is crucial in order for us to get enough supply for our final year project. We planned on spending a night in our friend's place and continue on the next morning. The plan becomes just a plan as the vehicles in front of us have to make an emergency break. My dear friend couldn't stopped at time thus hitting the car in front of him.

After the crash, my mind just kept thinking of my friends.
"Are they fine!?"
"Can they still walk!?"
"Are they still alive!?
This not the time to think about the project and Melaka anymore. Your friend is in danger!
It's quite chaotic for a moment, then I see one of my friend who is limping in pain. Bloods were dripping from his face. He needs immediate attention, fortunately a guy in a motorcycle came and offers him a ride to the nearby clinic.

Many people came to help, but are they really came to help us? Or do they just came help us pick my friends belonging and never return it back?
What happened to my friend cellular phone is quite sad. When he realized that his cellphone was missing, it was already too late. Eventhough it was just like seconds from the accident, his phone was already taken by someone. We tried to call the phone and noticed that somebody cancelled the call.

As everything had calmed down a little, we know what we have to expect next. For sure we have to confront the owner of the Grey Aeroback. His car's bumper is a little out of place and we know he must be frustrated because of it.
He came to me and said "Are you the rider!? Who is the rider!? Where is the rider!?"

I know it was my friend's mistake, but his way of dealing this matter is a little out of hand. He is quite rough while asking the question. Rather then asking whether my friends were fine or not. He start it with "This is not my mistake! This is their fault!"

I was a little surprised at his action, I don't know how to react. Then came a young guy who saw the whole incident argue with the Gray Aeroback owner. I just keep myself silent, I know that my friend have to deal with money problem later. But the first thing here is to make sure that everybody is fine and safe. Everybody lend their help, from the bike issue, medical attention to the whole police report.

My friends suffered cuts and bruises and maybe a lot is in their mind right now, we were fortunate that there is no live that were loss from this incident.

As I lay down on my bed, the whole tragedy just kept me thinking. I remembered of my past time as this is not the first accident that I've experienced. It's kinda funny, as every after each
accident that I've been through. It will made me remember of 'Him'. That 'Him' is no other than our creator Allah SWT. How weak am I that I always forgets him... and only reminded when tragedy befalls me. Astaghfirullah...

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enyheartsdiamond said...

parut xciden eny masih ada;)

Just_najmiE said...

hope ur friends are ok now..

when my dad was involved in an accident that took his life, I was sad to find out that someone took his belongings, ie. his money in his wallet.. whoever took it, only left 1 ringgit.. so cruel!.. my dad died and left a wife and 5 children, and that guy just thought about the money.. I hope he burns in hell..

hohoho, lari topik jap..

yeah, accidents makes us think about our past deeds, the good and the bad.. hope we all will die in peace.. (^^,)

Ms.Independant said...

Sempat pickpocketing mase eksiden? Thats so Bad!

I hope that guy burns in hell oso!

SasHa Lee said...

hope ur frens wil be ok now..;)
**take care ur frenz erk..

♥ sOFIa ♥ said...

you're right.

accidents kept us thinking bout the past.

naqiubex said...

I'm sorry to hear about that Miss Najmie..

Silverleaf said...

i hope ur frens are ok....

The aeroback owner was so inconsiderate...but that is a common thing in malaysia...common doesnt make it is right....

°šYąňáĐyą° said...

he will be fine

dieya said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
dieya said...

same story wif me..i've met an accident on 1st june 08 and i've lost 2 handphones dat time..

naqiubex said...

To silverleaf : Hmm.. what a dissapointment isn't it..

To Dieya: it's like automatic

DilOt said...


manusia zaman skang..bukan nak menolong......

arap membe kamu ok skang,,,

Anonymous said...

whenever we have an accident or witnessing an accident, it's always a good time to reflect on ourselves. We tend to forget on a lot of things or we tend to take many things for granted in our daily lives. When there's an opportunity to reflect, just do it.

based on my experience, when you are involved in a motor accident with another party, please make a police report immediately and there's no need to discuss any liability issues esp when the accident is major with injuries or death involved and esp when tempers are flying high too. Right or wrong, just keep cool, and make a quick report to the police and to your insurance company. Do not admit any liability as this may jeopardise the traffic and the civil suit which may come in later on.