Robomatics: Love of Knowledge

Wednesday, August 12, 2009
No... It's not a title of a robot movie. Its a name of a company that specializes in factory automation industry. A place where my team think can supply us with pneumatic components, valves, etc that we need in our project. thanks to my friends effort in completing the project, he have found a couple of interesting distributors and finally we chose this company because it is near to my friend's house afterall.

What is my project?

Well, every Mechanical Engineering students have to come out with a machine before they are able to finish their studies. I rather keep it a secret first before i tell the whole world what is my machine is. For the people who've already know.. just keep it quite!
Anyway, pneumatic system plays an important role in our machine...

Pneumatic system?

May I start my engineering class now?
Pneumatic is mainly related to air...
Pneumatic devices are various tools and instruments that generate and utilize compressed air. In the pictures above, you can see an equipment called compressor, this is where air is compressed to ake pneumatic system impossible. The compressor feeds air into a main tank, the main tank's pressure is higher than the pressure required by any single Pneumatic Animatronic. The main tank outlet should have an adjustable regulator, which reduces the tank's pressure to that required by the rest of the pneumatic system. On the regulator are two gauges used to read both tank pressure and the output pressure of the regulator.

I bet most of you guys would have stop reading by now...

i remembered one of my lecturer's said in my class..

"To learn is sometimes a painful process"

Yup! i do think he is right... To be honest.. i think LOVE is important in learning. It would help to ease the pain while gaining knowledge.
Or maybe just kills of the pain as well.

OMG.. Do I really have the LOVE of knowledge?
If I do.. then should learning be easy?
Should i still be remembering the knowledge that have been given to me?
I don't even able to wrote back the latest formula on my last class..

As most of my teacher's said it is important that after we have gain knowledge, we try to make amal (practice or exercize) of it, or better we teached others on the knowledge we've learnt... That would help our mind to remember and further understanding of the subject..
Which I failed a lot... ~sigh~

Sometimes I found students who are really unwillingful to study.
Hate to study? Do they hate knowledge?
I hope not...
Let see on what Islam says about this kinda people..

Abu Bakrah reported, I heard the Prophet (SAW) saying:

"You should be a scholars, or a student, or a listener, or a lover of 'Ilm (knowledge) and scholars, and you should not be the fifth which makes you perish. 'Ata' said, Mis'ar said to me. You added a fifth point which we do not have. The fifth point is: To hate 'Ilm(knowledge) and its people."

(At-Tabarani; Al Bazzar)

Wooaah.. To hate knowledge and it's people (teachers, ulama, etc) will make you perish! Astaghfirullah... If you need further interpretations of the hadith, better seek knowledge from your nearest Ustaz..

Check out this website for something about Pneumatic system

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dyeve said...

you said:

"To learn is sometimes a painful process"..

and you have much right..smiles..but always is good to share and knowdlege

Nice post and thx for youre visit and comment..
Have a beautiful day!

sHaH said...

i wonder what u feel about studying if u r in my situation bro..

SuFy said...

wahh..nmpaknya, u memang born to be lucky..insyaallah~

kasih syg perlu dlm stdy..ehehe...

lizz said...

"To learn is sometimes a painful process"

huhuhu. for now,i tengah mengalami that painful actually.gegege

naqiubex said...

~Thanx dyeve for the nice comment! Hope you are havin a great time too..

~Trouble with friends I perhaps... Sorry to hear that brother Shah..

~Sufy.. that could be a great statement there.. huhu.. anyway.. Allah created us to be equal.. A great fortune is actually a test for me too... Yup.. kasih sayang.. haha

~gege.. lizz.. ganbate!

░♥si lampu neon♥░ said...

ok guudluck la on watever project ur into. k?

OMG, im one of a dislike study person. awwch terkena.

~HaZeL~ said...

Urgh! Patutla i x amik engineering kan, ssh rupanye. Hehehe

"To learn is sometimes a painful process"..
In my opinion, teacher/lecturer plays the important roles in teaching and learning process. If u like them, u'll try ur very best to impress them, if not-lantak pi la.. hehehe. I wat cmtu masa blajar tu yg dpt 2nd class upper jek tu. huhuhu

mizTiramisu^_* said...

sound complicated la project tuh... huhu..neway,same goes with me... my project oso sound complex, but then i WILL do my best! hehe. n pape pun, fighting!! Fisabilillah~! rite? ;)

Silverleaf said...

yes....we can learn a lot of things not only in varsities....we have knowledge all around us..for those people that don't have the chance to be in college or already graduate....u can still learn a lt of knowledge......learning is a life long process....

Farha Ghouse said...

omg gila cool. kalau i sambung hnd kat sana mesti buat bende sama. i dulu dak mechanical gak. hehehe. love the drawings as usual :D

naqiubex said...

~cool.. miss lampu neon... take it easy..

~yup, Hazel.. its better if we learn what we like.. Though I am in Engineering but I love more to drawing manga and stuff..

~mis tiramizu.. haha.. I just explain a little portion of it.. Its not as complicated as it seems

~Yeah.. learning is a neverending process.. thanx silverleaf..

~Farha.. It might be better in China..

Anonymous said...

talking machine now eh?

"To learn is sometimes a painful process" Really? try being stupid, it's even more painful in the long run. Better not know how painful it is as the price of knowing the answers may not be a worthwhile proposition. So proceed to learn your stuff and make yourself successful one day.

naqiubex said...

More to typing machine than talking..

Yeah.. being stupid might hurt us more isn't it... Thanx for the advice sir.. I'll try to do my best to be successful..

DilOt said...

tunang dilot amik mechi..suka2 main masa belajar..

tp sangat jeles dgn dia..result hmpir setiap sem dekan..uwaaa...