The suspect have been captured!

Friday, August 14, 2009
Hey! Fellow Citizens of Venice!!!
The possible suspect that terrorrizes the Venice area have been captured.
The suspect was alleged to do the following crime..

~Ruining people's crop
~Piss on someones flower pot
~Steal fruits
~Eat the fruits without permission
~Throwing the fruit seeds to peoples
~Crap at the most inappropriate place
~Suspected to also throw crap (animal dung) to some people
~Living in the attic without permission!

Guess who?

I'll give some hints:

~Its an animal and its cute..
~Contributes a lot to the coffee world...

The first one to answer correctly will get a mysterious prize!! The answer/champion will be out by Sunday..

7 comments, 페이스:

~azalea~ said...



monkey kot~~


||alis|| said...

jawapan akak:


KOPI LUWAK mmg sedap looo.. :p

ngeh ngeh ngeh!

~azalea~ said...

contribute a lot to cofee world????





Silverleaf said...

hmmm at 1st i wanna say mouse but the tail looks like a cat's tail....but I heard that the most expensive coffee in vietnam is extrated from the dung of foxes that had been fed wit coffee guess is fox.....

Lun said...

i know tht animal....
but dahlupe nama bianatang tu

Anonymous said...

do we get the Fox(y) Megan as the reward otherwise i'll pass heh3x

enyheartsdiamond said...

i nk fox i bela;)i nk boh nm dixie;)