Special Childrens Home: Rumah Tunas Sinar Harapan, Seremban

Sunday, August 2, 2009

After visiting the orphanage in Kuala Pilah, the second chapter of the Legenda Education Group Charity event brought us to the Special Kids Home of Rumah Tunas Taman Sinar Harapan in Seremban.

Rumah Tunas Sinar Harapan Tengku Ampun Najihah

I have a little problem in finding where is exactly the location of this place because i was sleeping on my way here. It is actually an easy place to find as it is located just besides the road and they have such a noticable boardsign and a very large building that is really easy to be spotted. As usual, you will need to fulfill some procedures before you can visit this place.

This facility is home to about 70 kids effected by autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and down syndrome (DS). Here, they will be given training and education especially helping them to accomplish daily tasks in life.

Arriving there.. 10 am

We are being greeted by a young lady that apparently acting as our tour guide around the place. She explains to us about 'Rumah Tunas Harapan' on how they operated throughout the country. The 'Rumah Tunas Harapan' in Seremban is specialized for taking care of children aged under 14 years old. After that age, the children will be transfered to another facility depending on their skills and IQ. This is because the services and programs are likely to differ from one facility to another.

Tour around the facility

First we are being brought to a room where from my knowledge is actually the place where the children will learn new things. I saw a couple of 'kompangs' there and a few toys giving me a view on what they are doing there.

In some cases, the children will be having problems in walking or also standing up straight. Therefore, the staff will brought them here and try to help them to undergo trainings so they will be able to do it properly as possible. This is crucial for them to be able to engage in everyday task easier.

After a little chit chat with the workers there, we are then brought to the dorm where this kids live in.

Oh.. Did i mention that we are not allowed to take any pictures here?
Cameras aren't allowed in here cause it might disturb their emotion.

The dorms is where the childrens are, from fourteen years old to small babies.
Wait.... babies? I am talking about the newborn... Yup! Don't be surprised...
They said child that is effected by DS can be detected even before the child is born.

As I walk in to one of the dorm, I was shocked that I was hugged by a very cute little girl. She hugged everyone and everyone hugged her back.


After the tour, we are going back to the hall to go on with our next activity.... Colouring..
it was a very fun moment especially when we have to try to fulfill the child's need. I remembered this one kid who orders me around to do work for him.

the boy :Hold my candy
me: ok!
the boy :Put my candy bag over the chair there..
me: hm? Ok! (putting the bag of candy and came back to the boy)
the boy: I need a candy
me: Ha? ok (take a candy from the bag and gave it to the boy)

and it continues on... until...

and finally... tada... their very own artwork..

Poco poco dance

Now wait a minute!!
The kids are better than us!!!
The children are teaching me how to dance... hahahahaha

As I walk around the hall, I found the answer on why they are so good in dancing.
There is a Disco in the house.............................

snoezelruimte (room for controlled multisensor...Image via Wikipedia

The Snoezelen therapy room
It is no a disco.. of course. You can click at the title for the purpose of the room.

You can also check the snoezelen room in action at youtube. Just click it

Oh.. and actually I don't know how to put video from youtube in the posting.. hehehe..
Anyone can help me?

I hope I will come back there again..........


There is a lot of things that we can learn from doing charity. Especially when going to visits like this and volunteer ourselves to help those who are in need.

I remembered about a story of a young boy who wanted a new pair of snickers.
Influenced by the trend, all of his friends have already bought and wear the new snickers that have just been released in the market. Feeling that he is the only person in the class that still stick to his old shoe. He urges her mother to buy him a new pair of shoes. The mother agreed on fulfilling her son's wish, so they went to the shop to buy the snickers. Upon entering the shop, the boy saw an old guy. He found that the old guy didn't have any legs. The boy felt sorry for the old guy. His mother then calls him to try the snickers that were on sale. The boy then hugged his mother and told her that he is fine with the shoes that he already have.

Don't envy on what people have.
Savour on what you already have.

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Richeal Phil @ Ritz ^-^ said...

sangat touching entri! pround of you bro!

♥ sOFIa ♥ said...

thumbs up for doing charity work :)

SasHa Lee said...

bagus kamu wat charity nie..Suka baca entry kamu.. Banyak kamu berkongsi tentang mereka kt dlam entry ne..
**santek wok bilik mereka tue..hehe;)

Silverleaf said...

like usual...a nice post..what make it complete is the story about the boy and the snickers....thanks...i love reading this kind of story....soften my hard heart....and so many drawing this time....nice....

Just_najmiE said...

a heartfelt entry.. thank u for sharing this with ur readers.. (^^,)

oh, to put a video from youtube, copy the code for embedded and paste it in the entry post.. it's quite easy.. if u wanna put ur own video, just click the movie icon next to the picture icon in the new post..

errr, bila baca balik, my instructions nih cam pening ja.. hahaha.. hope it helps though.. (^^,)

lizz said...

kalau ada buat charity work kat jb cakap tau :P nak join...huhu

Farah Adila said...

its a gud n nice experience rite? nyway,gud job! ;)

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huhu..so kind hearted..tabik!;)

Farha Ghouse said...

touching pun ada. sobs.
charity, bagus laa.
insya allah, allah akan permudahkan hidup kite =)

Emila Yusof said...

Copy the codes from youtube and paste it using html edit mode. It won't appear in the compose mode but it'll be there. just save and publish.

°šYąňáĐyą° said...

good good
keep it up

irfan said...

this was so good.and nice charity work for children development..well done :)

naqiubex said...

Emila yusof and just najmie: Thanks for the help on the youtube thing...

imHepPie said...

tringin nak gi tmpat2 cmnih gak tpi lum ada rezki..

sHaH said...

proud of u..

lieya orange M.I. said...

...aktifnyer kamu...
...pandainye mereka colour...=)

naqiubex said...

haha.. saya kecik kecik pun tak pandai color.. haha

░♥si lampu neon♥░ said...

soryy for not reading up all the entry of this article you'd wrote..

erms..i did look at the snoozelen part..and its kind of interesting rite? ive seen it before at sekolah bandar tasik selatan which there is one room for snozelen therapy..its good for special kids where im into that career now =) geee..

hope that every school have its own room of this snuuuzelen (donno how to spell it right ) hehe.

very nice entry indeed.

Anonymous said...

good soul cleansing exercise ya, The Snoezelen therapy room was awesome, so what disco number did you dance to BTW.