Fight! fight! fight! : Petaling Street

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Petaling StreetImage by teddY-riseD via Flickr

What do you expect from a 10 minutes work... laziness grips me da... Here i've got some pic of people fighting at Petaling Street for your eyeview..
Pertaling Street..
Not just famous for its pirates products.. but also for its pirates attitude!!

Fight no 1 : 'Chota' vs bald guy

I took this pic when I was strolling down at Petaling Street... This people with radios on them caught this guy after I saw a couple of School boys being chased by people called 'chota'...

'Chota'? Correct me if I mispelled it..

This second pic shows a couple of guys laugh after he smack the bald guys head. Its actually a cheap shot...He smack that bald guy head from the back.. What is there to be impressed for..

Fight No 2: Motorcyclist vs taxi passenger

Then a couple of steps away from the scene I saw and took this pic...
The guy in the taxi opened the door without knowing that its gonna hit the motorcyclist. The motorcycle fell and made the owner furious. So the motorcycle owner went to him and give him a couple of smudge in the face.

Fight fight fight... When its goin to stop? sheessh!

Moral: I know sometime when we are pissed off with somebody.. It feels really good to be able to hit him in the face.. But eventually that will be it..
Fighting for something nonsense with each other will only lead to anger, hatred , sorrow..
makes the devil laughs thousand times..

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enyheartsdiamond said...


lizz said...

eh, pic tu kamu lukis sendiri kaa???

naqiubex said...


Ida Athanazir said...

nice sketch

theBluesman said...

Kl folks need to attend anger management workshop so that they can control their anger. City life is very stressful but certainly it's not worth the while to fight as both sides will end up losing or worst still land themselves in jail or in the hospital or maybe in the cemetery.

Silverleaf said... people are bad tempered....I think its the city life....I got angry too sometimes when I when to the city(not till the level where I hit anyone) because usually people there are rude...In my home town, we can smile at strangers and they'll smile the city, if u smile to just anybody they think u'r a pervert.

Nazra~ said...

wah live di depan mata T_T

DilOt said...

amik gmbr??..nsb baik dieorg tak perasan...kang silap2 camera lak jadi sasaran kene hempas...

Mia's Mom said...

Salam Naqiubex (:-D

This kind of attitude gives our City a Bad Name!